Frontline 67

"Frontline 67"'s your opportunity to make a difference for motorized recreation in Pennsylvania.  In fact, it's your chance to make history.  PaOHV is looking for 67 to represent each county in the state. 

Our Frontline 67 members will be important members of our "Access Army", and they will be the vanguard of our efforts to make off-highway motorized recreation an indispensable part of the Keystone State landscape.  Sound exciting?  Well, it is. 

The information you need to get involved is on this page.  Read on...and help PaOHV move down the trail.  


We have selected Frontline 67 members for Centre, Union, Franklin, Allegheny, Lacawanna, Warren, Dauphin and Venango Counties.  MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Send in your Frontline 67 application now.  All you need to get started is on this page.  

Frontline 67 Application
Frontline 67 Job Description
Frontline 67 Report Form 
FrontLine 67 Team

"Frontline 67"...making a difference in motorized recreation where you live and ride...   Find Frontline 67 team members here!