Steven Bottiger


1. Born, raised, educated in PA. Associate Degree '68, Bach. of Architecture PSU '74, Registered Architect in PA. Had practice for 17 years, worked for gov't 16 years.

2. Married 39 years, no kids, reside in Lewisburg, PA.

3. Riding trail bikes since 1969, rode enduros 1970 to 1992..."A" Rider ECEA. Life Member AMA.

4. One of the original incorporating members of PaTRA in 1974, served as Director, Secty and Treasurer of PaTRA.

5. Layed out, marked and cleared the original Seven Mtns Dual Sport Trail System in 1970-80's.

6. Worked PaTRA and AMA with Allegheny Nat'l forest in 80's on first OHM trails at Marienville, PA.

7. Was recreational planner for Centre County 1974-78.

8. Currently retired from State at age 64, active with PaTRA in securing grants and keeping trails open in Snyder/Union Counties with DCNR.

9. Shade Mtn. Trail Maintenance Coordinator with DCNR and PaTRA.

10. Have 2 dual sport bikes and 2 atv....