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Alain Kaldewaay of Xplor-Int Offers Motorcycle Training

Welcome to  Off Highway Vehicles (OHV's) safety training centers.

What we do is:

* Dirt Bike School, Dirt Bike Classes

* Adventures Motorcycle Academy

* ATV School

* ROV Academy

* UTV Safety Training Course

Phone: 610-470-8897 E-mail:


Sheldon Langer Announces Safety Training Schedule in Pike County

Instructor: Sheldon Langer (DCNR Inst. No: 5201)

Contact Number: (570) 685-2083

Limited Openings Please call for reservations

Denny Mann Offers Training in Franklin County

Denny Mann is offering ATV and Dirt bike training in Franklin, Fulton, and Bedford Counties.  Classes for ATVs are held on the 2nd Saturday and for dirt bikes on the 4th Saturday of every month through November.  Interested parties should Interested parties should Click Here or contact Denny at 717-532-6439 for directions and details.    

Robert Lioi Announces ASI and DCNR Safety Training Classes in SW Pennsylvania

PaOHV member Robert Lioi is available for safety training at Raccoon Creek State Park.  Lioi is a safety trainer for DCNR and the ATV Safety Institute.  Classes are available April through November.

Students must have an ATV, helmet, goggles or safety glasses that completely cover the eyes, gloves, boots over the ankles, long pants and long shirt.  Both classes are similar in content.  Topics on riding techniques, safety and respect for the environment are discussed.

Those seeking ASI classes should contact the ATV Safety Institute at 800-887-2887  or online at:  Request a class at Raccoon Creek State Park, Site # 107942.  Call Mr. Lioi directly at 412-264-3163 to schedule a DCNR class.


Dave Miller Offers Safety Training

Dave Miller, DCNR Safety Instructor since 2006, is offering year round safety classes in the Lehigh Valley.  Prospective 8 to 15 year-old students will need their own age appropriate quad (70cc for 8& 9 year olds) and related personal safety equipment.  Email or call for more information and class dates at 610-322-0106 or


Call to Safety Trainers

All Safety trainers are encouraged to send their 2012 schedules to PaOHV at  Make your request at the attention of Don McClure.  The Association will post them on the